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Greta has written some nice little poems over the years... a small selection..

            ODE TO ENGLAND

Only England can display the rapture of an English day

In Winter when the river freezes, when March winds howl  as Springtime teases

When at last her time has come, Spring brings with her a tepid sun

The sun is shy and hides her face, Behind a cloud of purest lace

 Translucent sunbeams fall to earth; The flowers now are full of mirth

They nod their heads, They toss their leaves

They chatter to the bursting trees

 Come on get dressed - Come out to play

Prepare yourselves For glorious May

Sleepy hamlets stir at dawn, A paperboy stifles a yawn

On each step stands white and straight

Bottled Milk from Unigate

 Hedgerows flourish with the fern, Old oak trees are gnarled and stern

Bumpy, lumpy rough and stout - Their trunks are England, there is no doubt

 The magic of dear London town, Sweet laughter when the chips are down

Raucous sounds from raucous pubs, When old landladies serve the grub

 The soft and gentle wealds of Kent, The English rose perfumed with scent

Only England can display The wonder of an English day

Only if you come from there can you really feel aware

Can you run on hill tops high?

Be proud of England – Or she may die